IN.FORM is a social network


We stumbled across this TEDMED video from Dr. Mark Hyman and thought - "See? We are on the right track!".   When we opened Be Well Clinic in 2015 we said we wanted to build a community for the community and that's what we did.  We've been using live social networks to impact community health via our monthly free classes and our IN.FORM meetings to motivate our clients, friends and family toward healthier habits - and it's been a big hit with those who have attended.

Please take a break, right now, and watch this fantastic video.  You’ll be amazed at what Dr. Hyman discovered and we know you’ll be inspired as we are!

"Maybe I thought – this isn’t a medical problem like an infection or broken bone, maybe chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity are social diseases and we need a social cure. Maybe it is the power of each one of us supporting each other that will help us all take back our health." - Dr. Mark Hyman

We agree with Dr. Hyman – we do better together!  We've seen the results in our IN.FORM groups.

Our participants rave about the IN.FORM program but it's hard to explain to others just what we do at those meetings.  Some people still seem to think it’s just another diet program.  (It’s NOT).  Some think changing their lifestyle is going to mean a future of deprivation.  (It doesn’t).

We needed a way to meet with people face to face to show them how IN.FORM works - so we've added an "intro" session to our Health 2 Home meetings.  We hope this opens a new opportunity to create mini-communities of friends and family getting healthier together.

Here’s how it works:

Someone like you can host an IN.FORM introductory meeting at your home and we’ll provide an engaging and entertaining presentation with information, hands on activities, free gifts and more to compel your group to get working together.  From there, we can tailor the program to your group’s needs with online support to help the journey along.

The full IN.FORM program will still be run weekly at Be Well Clinic with various meeting times and coaches.  Interested participants will be invited to join those as well.  Or - maybe you'll want to take the lead and use our resources to guide your own group via home meetings.

Still wondering how IN.FORM works?

We take our IN.FORM participants through proven steps that anyone can easily implement to improve cardio, gut and metabolic age. We cover the essentials as well as the emotional aspects of eating and we tailor each meeting to that particular group’s needs and pace.

Whether you want to feel better, age more gracefully, lose fat or gain muscle, this program can help you achieve your goals using root principles of diet and lifestyle aimed at improving overall health and motivational resources to keep you going.

Our BioTracker will help you gauge your progress by measuring not just weight but your metrics like visceral fat, muscle mass and more.  Watch your metabolic age reverse as the weeks go by!

Other Health 2 Home options...

If you're not quite ready to commit to a life changing program like IN.FORM, but you're interested in other ways to get healthy naturally, you can also host a meeting to introduce your friends and family to one of these topics:

  • Safer DIY Cleaning Products
  • Herbal Medicine Cabinet
  • Womens Health / Mens Health
  • Healthy Personal Care
  • Stress and Mood Support
  • Healthful Kids
  • Lifetime Vitality
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

We believe that just getting together to talk about healthier ways to live can spark an interest that leads to more healthy habits down the road.

Let us help you, and your friends and family live a better life – and have fun in the process.

As Dr. Hyman noted – “Getting healthy is a team sport!”. 

So call us today (239.250.9312) and let us help you build your winning team.

Wondering who to ask to join your team?  Here are some suggestions of where to start:

  • Family & friends
  • Church groups
  • Neighbors/clubhouse
  • Fellow employees
  • Other parents
  • Gym & fitness friends

We hope you become as inspired as we are to use social networks to impact everybody's health for the better!

I'm IN - you IN?