"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
― Jim Rohn

Be Well Natural Health Clinic offers a diverse collection of holistic modalities in one location aimed at serving you with affordable options. 

Thermal Imaging

Thermography offers a non-invasive and cost effective study to aid in the evaluation of injuries, recovery and chronic pain, detect compensatory problems and complement or guide standard testing.

Counseling and Hypnosis

Therapies to help you explore emotions, thoughts or memories that may be affecting your current feelings or behaviors.  Inquire within and unlock your potential.

Massage Therapy

Our team of massage therapists offer a variety of modalities to help you overcome injury, cope with stress, alleviate chronic pain, improve flexibility or just relax.

Integrated Massage and Microcurrent Therapy

A multi-disciplinary approach to assess and address acute and chronic pain, restricted mobility, scars, posture and much more.  

Therapeutic Equipment

Take time out for you! Enjoy the use of our therapeutic Migun Bed, SoQi Bed, Bemer mat or Avacen machine.

Classes and Events

Attend Foundation Training, fitness, yoga, or qigong classes.  Attend lectures and events to learn about lifestyle choices, self-help topics and more.

IN.FORM Program

If you need help making savvy diet choices, getting motivated or reaching your goals - join this clinically studied, worldwide program to achieve success and better health!  Individual, public & private group options available.

Meridian Stress Assessment

Energetic disturbances may be considered when conventional lab work or other diagnostics are negative for pathology but a myriad of symptoms are present. MSA seeks to balance the client energetically.

Our Mission at Be Well is to help you achieve vitality and longevity via lifestyle assessment and safe, effective holistic therapies. 

At our clinic you can enjoy the support of experienced practitioners and the ability to self-direct if you choose.

We do not have a one size fits all program with centralized decision making.  Instead, we have many options and programs to serve each client uniquely.  We invite you to come meet us, ask questions and start where you feel comfortable.

We look forward to helping guide you on your journey by addressing your individual needs at your pace.


Call Be Well Clinic at 239.307.5616 with questions or click on the Book An Appointment link to see options and pricing or to schedule with one of our health partners.
If the service you wish to book is not yet listed at the online scheduler please visit the provider's page and contact him/her directly or call the front desk assistant.

Unlock your potential to feel great!