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  • It’s not just prudent, it’s also the polite thing to do in ANY germ season.  If you’re walking around with cooties and don’t know it yet, you don’t want to be a vector. As a bodyworker in paradise, this is not the first flu season I thought about wearing a mask.  Working in close quarters

  • Along with all the buzz about microcurrent comes all the claims about what it can do.  Can it really clean up your lymphatic system, improve the appearance of your scars and end your pain?  Well, yes and no. Just as the word “vitamins” covers a broad spectrum of individual specimens that each have different effects

  • Before Thanksgiving gets smothered by Black Friday and all the buzz in December … I’d like to invite you to pause for a moment to reflect on the reason we celebrate THIS holiday. Thanksgiving, according to its origins, is a time to rejoice together in the fruits of our labor and the alliances we’ve formed.

  • Here’s to your health: Be Well offers one-stop shopping for natural therapies Lance Shearer, Correspondent Published 6:05 a.m. ET Aug. 5, 2016 (Photo: Lance Shearer/Current) Many Americans believe that their medical issues are not best addressed by traditional medical providers. Alternative treatments, using new equipment or age-old Oriental practices, have a tenacious and growing place

  • February 2017 – Wellness partner Carolyn Beauchamp is featured in an article in Gulfshore Life… Ms. Adventure: Trapped, Lost and Discovered by American Indians A little past life regression through hypnosis reveals truths as current as today. By Stephanie Davis I‘m standing in a dark, dense forest. I look around and realize I’m lost. Terrified

  • Paying It Forward by LINDA SECHRIST Just as a homing pigeon is born with an innate ability to always orient itself towards home, Jo Vaccarino, owner of Be Well Natural Living Clinic and Be Well Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, in Naples, came into this world with an innate ability that points her in the direction

  • Clinical Thermography: A Blend of Pink and Green Technology by Jo Vaccarino October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink ribbons will appear en masse on packages and advertising and it will be impossible to miss the message that you should get checked. While getting checked with a mammogram could lead to early detection, many women