Free Oils & Herbs Event

Saturday, July 21 (1pm-4pm)

Join us at Be Well Clinic in the upstairs classroom (find directions to our place here) for these free demos and discussions plus hands on fun!

1:30 pm – Dump the Toxins & Save Money!

Learn about the dangers of commercial cleaners and personal care products and which ingredients you most want to avoid. We’ll also talk about how to make your own safer alternatives that are just as effective and can help you save a ton of money! Learn which oils are antiseptic and which are therapeutic, which can be used neat and which need to be diluted? Which are safe for pets and which aren’t?

Demo: counter & room sprays, deodorant sprays, bug sprays for pets & people, teeth whitener & more

2:30 pm – Herbal First Aid & Hurricane Prep

Learn how to prepare for the next hurricane with tips to make your life easier when things get tough. We’ll also discuss herbal remedies you should always have on hand for first aid and daily dilemmas.

These discussions are based on topics from our Health 2 Home program. Health 2 Home is our way of creating a community full of healthy families – a few households at a time!

Topics include:

Safe DIY Cleaning Products
Emergency Preparedness
Healthy Personal Care
Healthful Kids
Lifetime Vitality via IN.FORM
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Host a meeting for your family and friends and we’ll entertain your guests with a fun and interactive time with prizes, recipes and more. Check out the Health 2 Home page on our website for more information.