Demystifying BCA Month

Join Dr. Karysse Trandem, DO and Jo Vaccarino, CCT for a brief talk on breast health with Q&A following
Date: Saturday, October 27, 2018
Time: 1pm – 3pm
Location: Be Well Natural Health Clinic
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Our emphasis is on attention to prevention. Gain a better understanding of what information is provided by various breast screening and clinical tests, which tests are right for you and how testing can be used not just for detection, but also for incentive to pursue better protocols for prevention.

Breast health doesn’t need to be a scary subject. We aim to demystify screening and arm you with the information you need for optimal breast health. We’ll go over the risks and benefits of various screening options such as mammogram, ultrasound and thermography and discuss what characteristics of disease or disease potential each option is designed to detect. Disease doesn’t just jump out of the closet and land on you one day; it is the result of various conditions that provide a climate for disease, many of which are within your power to change. Learn how to reduce your risk and focus more attention on prevention.

Dr. Karysse Trandem is Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who practices an holistic approach to gynecologic care leaning toward natural solutions. Nutrition, prevention of disease, and alternative treatments are areas of interest in her practice. She sees a broad range of patients with varying complaints in all age groups in the Naples, FL area.

Jo Vaccarino is a Certified Clinical Thermographer. She has a background in occupational therapy, is currently working on creating lymphatic health programs at Be Well Clinic and is pursuing a Masters in Herbal Medicine.