IN.FORM Shape UP Saturdays start in June!

We all know that if we want to lose weight, avoid the doctor and feel more energetic then we have to eat well and exercise – simple enough, right?  Then why are so many of us overweight, over the legal limit on cholesterol and exhausted at the end of the work day?

We want to share 13 Proven Steps to take you back to the younger, slimmer, healthier you…for good.

Here’s hoping honesty pays off.  Yes, we said “13 Steps”.  But here’s the good news – you don’t have to take them all at once.

Never yo-yo diet again.  Join us for Shape UP Saturdays this summer. Step on our Bio-Tracker and find out what your metabolic age is.  Then track your progress as you implement the steps to reversing your metabolic age, shedding fat, & feeling great.  Happiness starts withIN.

The Shape UP Saturdays program will officially begin on June 9th with Qigong at noon and the IN.FORM class at 1pm.  Pay just $65/month for both classes or the drop-in rate of $10 per class ($20 for both).  Fitness classes will also be added soon.

UPDATE:  this series has moved to Wednesday evenings

Click here to reserve your spot! (click on the week to show classes available)

Other ways to RSVP:  call Jo at 239.250.9312 or email

Summer is when Floridians recharge for the next “Season” – IN.FORM is an opportunity to set yourself up for health, success and happiness all year ’round.  We’ll cover eating habits, food combining, stress strategies, wellness challenges and many, many tips to make being healthy easier.