IN.FORM Shape UP Saturdays

IN.FORM Shape UP Saturdays


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Be Well Natural Health Clinic
1032 Goodlette Road, Naples, Florida, 34102

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We all know that if we want to lose weight, avoid the doctor and feel more energetic then we have to eat well and exercise – simple enough, right?  Then why are so many of us overweight, over the legal limit on cholesterol and so tired at the end of the work day?

Chances are good (because statistics tell us so), that at the end of today, if you asked yourself whether or not you took good care of your body on this day (and you were honest with yourself), you would probably say “I wanted to, but I didn’t have time”.

And if someone offered you a class on how to be fit and healthy would you think to yourself “I already know what I’m supposed to be doing, but I don’t have time to do it so how would I find time for a class?” (there are no statistics on this, but based on social media posts, it appears to be 100% true that we just can’t fit another thing into our schedule).

Another fact (also supported by general knowledge) is that we are much more compelled to do things if those things come EASY to us. 

So there’s the key.  If it was easier, you would take better care of yourself, right?

Here’s a proposal for you…

Come learn about the IN.FORM program at Be Well Clinic.  We have free talks on the reasons you should think about it, your first class is totally free and the fee for dropping in for weekly classes (whenever you can) is so cheap that you’ll be able to use the money you’ll save from our suggestions to pay for the classes, and you’ll have plenty of time and energy to attend (if you pay attention to our advice).

And here’s an example of how easy we make things for you…

At our Open Clinic April 28th, we’ll have two free talks on IN.FORM, one at 1pm and another at 3pm, catch either.   Or catch us at another Open Clinic Day in May, June or July.  Check out those links to find out what else you can do and get for free with us on Open Clinic Days.  In case you can’t attend any of those, like our Facebook page, check our newsletter or join our meetup group for a chance to attend more free talks on IN.FORM.

Then, in June we will begin our Shape UP Saturdays program for summer.  On Shape Up Saturdays you will have the opportunity to enjoy a Qigong class and an IN.FORM class back to back (scheduled late enough to sleep in, early enough to not ruin your Saturday and short enough to fit into a busy schedule) … all at a discounted summer rate*!!  Shape UP Saturday schedule: Qigong at noon, IN.FORM at 1pm, starting June 9.

So… You IN?

RSVP is required. Call Jo at 239.250.9312

*Discounted Summer Rate:  $20/week for both back to back classes at the drop in rate or – pay $65/month (that’s just $15/week to cover both classes!)

Only want to come for IN.FORM?  Drop in rate is $10/week; RSVP required for your first class.

Drop in any Open Clinic Day to RSVP and get a voucher for your FIRST CLASS FREE!


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