Detection is great, prevention is better – A look at Breast Screening

Join us for an objective look at breast testing. Detection is great, prevention is better

– Screening options explained and compared
– What a comprehensive program looks like
– Early warnings, proactive protocols and preventative care
– Nature vs. Nurture and the role of genes

We want to take the fear out of breast testing and teach women how to reduce personal risk factors. Learn the pros and cons of each test, practical applications and a new perspective on taking care of “the girls”.

Jo Vaccarino, CCT will explain the differences between various breast tests such as mammography, thermography, ultrasound and MRI. This presentation will give you insight into how to seek information that helps you prevent disease and look at testing in an entirely new light.

The goal of this lecture is education and personal empowerment. If you dread October and feel like breast testing has become an annual ritual that raises your blood pressure – come learn how to relieve that stress and replace it with good sense and a better understanding of breast physiology.

This presentation is a part of our September Wellness Weekend. It will be preceded by a presentation on Stress Strategies (noon-1pm) and followed by a presentation on Reversing Metabolic Age (2pm-3pm).