Collect, Earn & Spend Bee Bucks with our Wellness Partners!

How to use ’em…

Bee Bucks are accepted by most of our health partners toward services and products.  There are limits and exclusions – so please ask your health partner how you can use Bee Bucks with them, and to which of their products or services they may be applied.   Since each health partner operates independently, their Bee Bucks policies may vary.  See below for exclusions.

How to get ’em…

1) GET GIFTED :  Bee Bucks are given out at promotional events or you may be lucky enough to land some from a friend or one of our health partners.

2) GET THANKED:   Our health partners are busy bees, but we like to give back to the community with free programs and presentations and often need help with these.  



There is no limit to the number of Bee Bucks you can earn, but there is a limit to how many you can use in one visit.  $20 is the maximum amount of Bee Bucks that can be used in one visit.  Individual Health Partners may have additional exclusions on use.

Bee Bucks may not be applied to the following Access Consciousness  (TM) Courses:
BARS and Access Foundation

Bee Bucks may not be used toward Bee Keys, gift certificates or in conjunction with other coupons/incentives.

Bee Bucks may not be used toward IN.FORM products but may be used toward IN.FORM special classes.